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Order & Payment

All items will be prepared as per order made via once you click checkout at shopping cart page. We will send you email ( or for confirmation by hoshigoru.

Items will be shipped as soon as possible (shipping time 8 AM – 5 Pm) once hoshigoru already received customer’s certified payment transferred via bank send to or whatsapp +6285220254118 with latest two days after the order has made, if after one week we did not receive any payment proven, the order made will be cancelled. For other customer from outside of Indonesia, we will send you the paypal invoice or please use link through your email address once the shipping cost calculated and added.


Hoshigoru provide a Free Shipping Cost for all customers with US, EUROPE and ASIA destination and special price in IDR to all over of Indonesia cities destination.

Shipping mode will depend the destination country, we will decide whether to use EMS or DHL or TNT for the shipment.


Please choose style and code and also size carefully before the items shipped as hoshigoru will not responsible for any change made after the package sent out.

Any damage or defect after items have been used will not hoshigoru brand responsibility once the items shipped/sent out and well received by customer, as we are guarantee to send all items in a good condition and quality.

Payment Mode Details (For Indonesian Destination/Customer (price as per IDR written in description) Via Bank Transfer BCA Account name Lie Wie Liam #7700276109 Paypal we will send you invoice through your email address or Paypal email address. – PayPal Account any credit card payment or other method payment can be paid via our PayPal. or please pay directly via with this link below : number to pay) ex. note: all prices written on web is included PayPal tax and service, but may not included the fee of the converting from your original currencies to USD, please make sure all converting fee be paid by the customer or unfortunately we will send separated invoice for this.

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