Mister Teen International 2016 – William Gunawan

Hoshigoru prouds to sponsor our beloved contestant of Mister Teen Indonesia 2016 goes to Mister Teen International 2016 in Chiang Mai – Thailand 21 – 25 July 2016. image We have heard that swimwear competition was dropped, which finally they still have beachwear competition and William Gunawan finally worn ASTRO BOXERS SWIMWEAR on this competition and won best beachwear among Mister Teen contestant. Bravo… and also winner of National Costume. image We so proud that William Gunawan crowned as Mister Teen International 2016 and this is a back to back history as previously Indonesia also won Mister Teen International 2015. Hoshigoru so prouds to be part of this momentum. We will always support our beloved country Indonesia and promote the culture and richness of Indonesia. image

Brata for hoshigoru

one gorgeous male model came to hoshigoru for a wonderful collaboration on photoshoot. Brata Indonesia on instagram @brataindonesia was a Top Ten contestant of Menswear Competition 2016. image He is fully shaped with muscle and had a great abs posture ever. We did a gorgeous photo session at the batubeliq bali along with La Laguna famous wooden Bridge and bamboo tipi witnessed his super talented pose. A stunning passion synchronized with his Greek Gods Body like glossed with beautiful asian tanned. We will memorable this moment. Hoshigoru fully thanks for the chance to captured your beautiful personality and dreams…. hoshigoru

Secret of Aoun


Revealing a truly pure soul of a beautiful model name anthony really a temptation challenge in a lifetime…  His purity brings me too deep to capture any fragility that might can make you tremble in a glance… Was a wonderful moment to get what hoshigoru want as he already had it all… I believe he will be a gorgeous modelling future in his path… A natural muscle beauty that never lies in every inch of it… Sculpted in a lean shape and waltz movement that thrill each eyes… Thank you for the precious moments together…. Salute Anthony – contact : anthony_aoun@hotmail.fr

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Hello world!


hoshigoru derived from hoshigaru in ancient japanese word which has a beautiful meaning that really represent the soul of this brand and the meaning is TO WANT or DESIRE.


hoshigoru is an original brand design from Indonesia based in Bali, eventhough the name is sound japanese, the concept was born around September 2014, and it started to become real around June 2015 with all supports from family and friends it finally tangible on December 12th, 2015 until now.

hoshigoru starts with male swimwear and underwear and will be continue to bikini, clothing and accessories as soon as possible :)

the concept behind hoshigoru is to provide an easy beachwear products for everybody that loves beaches around the world and live with it. hoshigoru also believes that we are as fashion are a unisex or genderless person, so hoshigoru will provide more ‘I don’t care your gender’ products.

enjoy hoshigoru’s design for your personal lifestyle… more ladies and androgyny products coming soon!

Soft launching hoshigoru.com

Finally today hoshigoru.com were published to public. Celebrates a year of waiting the brand to be born with all efforts, up and down, a such never gave up even in the very low moment, we keep head up and with God Blessed I can see this website on its way to fly. This beautiful concept in simplicity never happened without my very best pal in life – Selly Sylvia – website designer and my first indonesian exotic model – Ian really brings this hoshigoru.com in an elegant and luxurious as it supposed to be. Hope more people will support this sincere brand that came from heart to colours the fashion world especially here in thousand of Gods island named Bali. Enjoy also hoshigoru.com On mobile friendly version on your every gadgets. For the future… Hoshigoru image

hoshigoru debute fashion show 11/21/2015

hoshigoru debute fashion show was held at Lippo Mall Kuta on its second anniversary! As a guest fashion designer, hoshigoru performed all trunks design on the event’s theme fashion trunks.   IMG_1833IMG_1834 hoshigoru’s collection of trunks from elegant black and chic denim to all bright trunks of swimwear and underwear made the crowd crazy out loud merrier the anniversary more than you ever imagine. IMG_1827 IMG_1840 So proud with all the good works. Hoshigoru really highly appreciate and thankful to edo from teen models agency, all models, Lippo Mall Kuta, all crews (lena, aurel, dio, Girda) and all friends came to make this memorable moment together. image