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hoshigoru derived from hoshigaru in ancient japanese word which has a beautiful meaning that really represent the soul of this brand and the meaning is TO WANT or DESIRE.


hoshigoru is an original brand design from Indonesia based in Bali, eventhough the name is sound japanese, the concept was born around September 2014, and it started to become real around June 2015 with all supports from family and friends it finally tangible on December 12th, 2015 until now.

hoshigoru starts with male swimwear and underwear and will be continue to bikini, clothing and accessories as soon as possible :)

the concept behind hoshigoru is to provide an easy beachwear products for everybody that loves beaches around the world and live with it. hoshigoru also believes that we are as fashion are a unisex or genderless person, so hoshigoru will provide more ‘I don’t care your gender’ products.

enjoy hoshigoru’s design for your personal lifestyle… more ladies and androgyny products coming soon!

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